“IMAGINE” The power of music…

 “You may say I’m a dreamer but I’m not the only one. Maybe one day you will join us and the world will be one” -John Lennon-

It’s well known that Sabrina Starke is a dreamer, a Singer-soulwriter on a social mission. It’s her mission to use her creativity and talents to affect social change.

In her new theatre show IMAGINE In an intimate acoustic band setting Sabrina Starke will perform the songs that have changed the world. Many songs have played a major role at critical times in our history. Therefore the next step in Sabrina’s mission has been made. She will bring a beautiful program that will guarantee to touch your heart and soul. Storytelling and songs of love, compassion and hope are the inspiration

Music has often been used to bring people together. In times of injustice and social challenges, music has done what some governments weren’t able to do. It has been proven often enough that music has political and cultural impact on our world.

The “IMAGINE tour” will try out 6 times in exceptional churches in the Netherlands in December 2016.

“IMAGINE” The power of music…

1 Dec Jopenkerk | Hoofddorp, NL

2 Dec Nieuwe Kerk | Den Haag, NL

7 Dec Bernardinuskapel | Heerlen, NL

8 Dec  Grote Kerk | Emmen, NL

16 Dec Doopsgezinde Kerk | Middelburg, NL

29 Dec De Duif | Amsterdam, NL


Starting November 2017 “IMAGINE” will be seen in Dutch theatres.

For more info visit www.sabrinastarke.nl/imagine