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We customize our services to fit our client’s specific needs and have the experience in overseeing everything from finances to live/studio productions and professional crew members. It’s our commitment to organize each career, tour or event flawlessly and to leave all parties involved with a pleasant and unforgettable experience.

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Interview with Dutch Culture USA on Sabrina’s USA tour

June 27, 2016

Two weeks ago Holland’s queen of soul ‘Sabrina Starke’ was in New York to perform her newest self-titled album, which is also her most personal one by far. Next to cheering for her in the enthusiastic crowd on her first performance at the Sidewalk Café, we managed to strike her down to talk about this…

Sabrina Starke

Sabrina Starke released her new album in the USA

June 5, 2016

On June 2nd, Sabrina Starke released her new self titled album ” Sabrina Starke” in the USA. According to the singer- soulwriter: ” I want to make people aware of there talents and dreams”.  Sabrina produced her fifth album herself, she felt that this was the right time for it. “I’m very happy with the album. It…

Sabrina Starke

Sabrina Starke ‘THE DREAMERS tour’ REPRISE

March 22, 2016

  Sabrina Starke “THE DREAMERS tour” REPRISE On September 25th 2015, singer- soulwriter Sabrina Starke released her album ‘Sabrina Starke’. The album ‘Sabrina Starke‘ is a new phase in her ‘soul search’ because the album is produced by Sabrina herself (in collaboration with Salle de Jonge).  It’s her most personal album to date.  With this album…